More About Joining

You can join for $169 and receive $235 worth of product. 

And the best thing is YOU CHOOSE THE PRODUCT.

Since there is absolutely no pressure or requirement to purchase more or stay on as a demonstrator after the Starter Kit, it really is a FANTASTIC DEAL - with no strings!

I was heavily questioned recently about joining by a lovely customer and it had me thinking...maybe everyone has the same questions?

Q1. Does the $169 Starter Kit include GST?
A: Yes. You only spend $169 and it includes shipping too!

Q2. Is it really true that I get to choose my own product?
A: Yes - you choose what you want in your Starter Kit from the current catalogue.

Q3. Do I have to do parties, classes or workshops?
A: No - you can do as little or as much as you want with Stampin' Up!

Q4. After I join is there any pressure to buy more?
A: No. There really isn't. If you do not want to buy another thing you don't have to.

Q5. What is the ongoing discount do I get if I join?
A: You get 20% discount on all future orders.. That's right, you always get a 20% discount on every order. (If you promote to Bronze Elite or above you will receive a 25% discount.)

Q6. What does 'joining' mean?
A. 'Joining' is simply signing up and purchasing your Starter Kit. You will then be considered a 'Demonstrator'.
The term 'Demonstrator' simply refers to the option you have to use and on-sell Stampin' Up! products to your own customers if you wish. Of course, you can simply purchase the products at a discount for yourself and there is no pressure to 'demonstrate' the products to anyone!

Q7. Do I get a fine or penalty if I decide to leave?
A: No. If you decide for any reason you don't want to continue with Stampin' Up! you simply don't place an order - simple as that. There are no penalties.

Q8. What is the minimum sales requirement?
You only need to submit 300CSV (Commissionable Sales Volume) in one quarter. (This is approximately $450 per quarter - including GST - excluding postage and handling.)

It really is THAT easy peeps! Get $66 of product for FREEEEE!

Have you selected your $235 worth of product already? Great! You can get your Starter Kit delivered to your door! Click HERE or the Join Now button below and enjoy $66 of free product.

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