Stampin Up Utah - Part 3 - Grand Vacation

31 August 2013

I'm back to give you part three of our Stampin Up Utah Holiday or Grand Vacation as it's called by the company. In this post I will try to give you a taste of the amazing Stampin Up Head Office in Riverton and the Manufacturing Facility in Kanab, Utah 

If you have just chimmed in you can view Part One >HERE< and Part Two >HERE<

It's a dream come true, a huge tick of my bucket list and I cannot describe in words the emotion of visiting Stampin Up Head Office IN UTAH! Squeel!

Below is a video by Michelle Last of the welcoming reception we received from all the staff on our arrival. What an experience. I had goosebumps!

There's a huge water feature in the centre of the building.
Photo time. We were all a bit emotional!
Barbara Williams, Me, Angela Sargeant and my upline Teneale Williams

Daniel and I with Kylie and Bruno Bertucci

Pinching myself - a photo with Shelli and her daughter Sara
Group photo of achieving South Pacific Demonstrators and partners.

One of the graphic design artists

Desk of a concept designer. Love it!

The Concept Room. 
This is a huge space done up with different concept ideas that have been used in the catalogues. 

Throughout the whole building there gorgeous display cupboards with past and present projects that have been made for the catalogues and advertising.

The super talented and ever so lovely Brian Pilling and Shannon West.
Brian gave me a bag of Saltwater Taffy in Brisbane Convention back in May after I did a business talk with him and he had another bag for me to take home. Thank you Brian, it's going to be cherished!

I finally got my photo at the iconic Stampin Up Rock. Huge smiles! :)

At the end of the day the bus took us to Salt Lake City for dinner and shopping.

I'm still laughing a Bruno's shopping antics. Bruno - I don't think Dan likes these ones! LOL
We had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. It's a bit different to the Cheesecake Shop we have over here. It's a huge, beautiful restaurant.
Hahahaha - Just what I need a SkinnyLicious Menu!
Or maybe a 'Glamburger'?

 The next day, after an exhausting emotional day at Stampin Up Head Office, we had to be up at 4.30am to catch a plane to St.George and be taken to Stampin Manufacturing Facility in Kanab.
Dan and I at SLC Airport

When we arrived at St.George Airport it was a bit strange because all the staff were out on the tarmack taking photos? We later discovered it was the largest plane to ever land at this airport.
I thought we pulled up quickly!

Stampin Up Manufacturing Facility, Kanab

 Rolls of rubber

Paper sorting

The Matrix Room - A stamp template

Big Ovens cook the impression on the rubber

Someone is going to get an awesome Mosaic Madness set packed by yours truly!

Scrap rubber

Hmmm - I wonder how they die the stamp pads?

Put pads into bowl and add die

Put onto giant mixmaster. What? Yes, this is how they do it!

Because Kanab is approximately 6 hours drive from Riverton and Salt Lake City, there is a Private Residence for when Shelli and the Corporate team visit and have to stay. 
Of course it's all done up beautifully by Shelli and we all got a tour!

Remember all that scrap rubber? They use it a parks across America. We went to one!
Bruno and Daniel play in the rubber - lunatics!

 At the end of an exhausting day, we arrive back at the hotel and this was my pillow gift.
A beautiful brown leather handbag. Feeling loved and spoilt.

  LAST DAY - Leisure Day
Our mission Olympic Park and find a guitar shop!

He want me to what? Go on the zipline. Huh? Really?
I thought we were just looking at the beautiful view!

Ok - I'll do it! Eeeek!
 Look at those amazing mountains.

Whoo hoo - Dan finally found his guitar shop - Riffs!

The Funicular took us from the bottom of the mountain up to the St. Regis

 Final Night - Grand Vacation Dinner
On the bus with Kylie and Bruno. Bruno proving his Candy Crush addiction!
At this stage we have no idea where we are going, but we were told to wear closed in shoes.

We arrive at a beautiful Ranch.

Vanessa Web and UK Demonstrator Monica Gale
(Note, we were on a hill. I am short, not that short!)

Then we danced the night away, country style!

Well that's it from me. 
There's so much more I could share, however you will need a full day just to read my blog post! Thank you so much for your joining me and thank you again to my all my customers, my team, my friends and family for all your support and love.

Lou X

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