Too Young To Retire?!

07 July 2012

When is the right time to retire? "Right now sounds wonderful to me!'' said my Mum. I don't think my Dad will ever retire, but my Mum could retire now to make quilts for the rest of her life! Maybe that is why my mind continually wonders to all things craft and I struggle to bypass the craftroom on route from our business home office to the kitchen! I'm blaming my Mum - she's given me 'craft blinkers'! 

So the word 'retire' led to me wondering 'what is being retired from the current catalogue?'
After attending the recent Stampin' Up! Convention, there are so many new and exciting stamp sets and products being introduced into the new catalogue. However, a few of my favourite all-rounders are leaving us.

This blog is dedicated to my trusty old friends who I have come to rely on for the everyday, instant and effective cards I have made for my freinds and family in the past. 
This month's card classes are based on these three retiring stamp sets:

1. Something Sweet 

2. Loads of Love

3. Crazy for Cupcakes

And voila - cards for everyone! 

 The other items that are retiring which I love are treat cups. They make such effective, yummy cards and kids love them - even the big ones! Be careful though - they will distroy your card in seconds to get to those treats!

On another note...filing cabinets in my truck trailer you ask? 
Well, a few months ago our business home office was in danger of being flooded. All things on the lower level of our home had to be moved (don't worry girls - I moved the craft room first - no really, I actually did! Insert smiley face!)
All of our filing cabinets were moved to a storage facility and there they have stayed. With the end of financial year looming I started gently asking nicely for their return. My requests have fallen on deaf ears and I now hope the making of this card (for my wonderful husband) might prompt their speedy return! 
One might ask if my husband even owns a truck like this one? Yes, he has three! All at different stages of restoration. Another reason why I really will miss the 'Loads of Love' stamp set from new the catalogue.

Please contact me if you would like to attend a class, book a cardmaking party or if you would like to place an order. M: 0410 613 140

Thanks for stopping by - love your comments! 

Lou X


  1. Love these cards. The trailer is a great idea. Do you think D will get he hint? Great likeness by the way ;)

  2. Thanks Marls! I'm sure this truck card will definitely get him inspired! LOL
    The cupcake card make a great make and take btw!
    Lou X

  3. hi Louise! I've just discovered your blog and went through a few articles and I just love it so I'll gladly follow you!!
    geri from France

  4. Your gumball machine is just too cute, I absolutely love the bright colours you've used. TFS

  5. Love your cards Louise. I have a craving for smarties now!

  6. So nice!! I really like this three cards! espacially the chewinggum machine!!