Wedding Wishes

22 September 2012

My friend, Deb, came to me last week asking if we could make a wedding card for a close work friend. She wanted something clean and elegant, however an element of  'cuteness' and I think this card has all of these. 

I can't say I came up with this tri-fold design myself, because Deb has a great way of designing and giving me ideas - so this card is a joint effort! 

(By the way - not my green bill - I haven't seen one of those for a long time!)

When I was making this card I thought about the day I married my husband and how quickly the day went and how I wish I could have just slowed time down and kept my wedding dress on for another 24hrs!

Thanks for stopping by,
Lou X


  1. OMG! This card is the best! It turned out really, really great! You & Deb did a fantastic job. Tell her I'm glad I got to see the end result! xx