Stampin Up Utah - Part 1 - Convention

23 August 2013

Yes, I am finally here to share my Stampin Up Utah trip of a lifetime. I am going to break it down into three separate parts as there's just so much to get through! Hold onto to your hats as I try to give you a taste of Utah and this amazing Company that is Stampin Up, and why I am so in love with it!

 If you're new to my blog you can read about me earning my trip >HERE< and see my special travel envelope from Stampin Up >HERE<.

Before the Grand Vaction part of the trip, Stampin Up invited all Grand Vaction earners to attend the North American Convention in Salt Lake City...and I wasn't going to miss it! 

Here we go:

So excited & fresh - at Sydney Airport about to board. Whoo hoo!
Daniel (wonderful, supportive hubby) & I

 Not so fresh after a 14 hour flight! LOL 
Waiting in LA for connecting flight to Salt Lake. 
(I wasn't going to share this, but Daniel already made it viral on facebook!)

Welcome to Utah! Check out those beautiful Utah mountains.

Sorry - had to share my first meal! Check out the size of that pickle! 

Utah Convention Centre - Salt Lake City

Welcome Street Flags!
 Picking up my 'International Badge'!!

 There were nearly 6,000 people at this convention! I'm in there somewhere!

The beautiful CEO, Shelli Gardiner with her family. So lovely. 

I made a new friend! Meet Mehgan. 
This was Mehgan's first Convention and came by herself. We were standing in the lift together at the hotel, heading to the Convention and she said that she visits my blog! WOW - there's actually people out there who read my blog! We were inseparable for the rest of Convention.

Recognition Room - 'ooooo' a special room to meet top demos! 


We could write our own special message! 

Setting a world record! See this post >HERE< to view my card.

Crazy, excited eyes. First giveaway of many! 
(Sorry had to white it out as it's new product!)

In-Colour Nail Polish.
I got Daniel to paint my nails that night - in Strawberry Slush of course!

Inspiration Boards:

 Yay - finally got to meet Brian & Justin.
Brian King and Justin Krieger are very successful US Demonstrators and I stalk visit their blogs regularly. What nice guys, such a pleasure to meet them. They had ladies swooning over them for photos, but I went armed with a secret weapon to sweeten the deal - how could they resist an Aussie with Tim Tims?! ;)

Mehgan with Justin

How 'Stinkin' Cute'! A photo oppotunity with the amazing Tami White
(Thanks Teneale Williams for setting this up xx)

There were so many displays.
Here's just a few of my favourites:

A photo with our adopted Aussie, Mehgan with Rich Jutkins (President) and some
Aussie and Kiwi Demonstarors.
I'll list the demo's I know - Shannean Moncrieff , Michelle Zarah, Kylie Burtucci, Sharlene Meyer, Carolyn Bennie & Angela Sargeant 

Awards Night
An awesome 80's band played as we danced the night away

Cool, amazing dancers.
Picture Mehgan and I facing them tearing up the dance floor! I'm sure our voices were husky the next day after all our scream singing. :)

An acrobatic girl performed with no harness. I held my breath the whole time!

Whoo hoo - Prize Patrol! I won on day three!

Mehgan won too! (Sorry, new product again, can't show you.)

My chance meeting with Mary Fish!

At the end of the final session they let streamers and glitter go everywhere.
What an awesome time!

The Morning of Grand Vaction
On the last day, before Daniel and I had to catch the bus for the next leg of our trip, Mehgan and I met for breakfast to say our final goodbyes and exchanged gifts. My gift was so lame compared to hers! We had talked about different measuring for cooking etc. and Mehgan made this cute little salt scrub gift for her upline that reminded me of bees, and she also likes the new hexagon range, so I brought her measuring spoons and a made a little note saying "Thankyou for 'Bee-ing The Difference' and I will miss you 'Beyond Measure'!"  These were like the measuring spoons I gave Meghan.

Had to share Mehgan's very cute handmade Salt Scrub. 

THEN, Mehgan give me my present!
Three bracelets by an American jewellery company called Alex and Ani. They make lots of different unique pieces and believe in the power of positive energy. How perfect. My three bracelets symbolise being creative, my favoutire colour pink and a phoenix bird becasue Mehgan is from Phoenix, Arizona.

 I had a mixture of emotions, I was so excited about Grand Vaction, however a deep sadness that I was not going to see my friend for a long time. We had so much fun together, laughed the entire time and Convention would not have been the same without her.

 Before I sign off I will leave with this quote from Alex and Ani.

Thank you Mehgan and thank you Stampin' Up! for giving me the oppotunity to meet someone who touched my life in such a positve and way. 

 Next blog post will be Part 2 - Grand Vacation

Epic blog post over!
Lou X


  1. I love all of your pictures! My personal favorites are the one of you on the floor in the airport and the ones of me with you and Brian and me with your buddy Mehgan! The food pic is a necessity over here, my friend at work takes a picture of almost everything she eats! I'm so glad that I got to meet you and I wish I would have spent more time with you! I'm a little jealous of Mehgan! :-)

  2. Definitely a trip of a lifetime, Lou. I've really enjoyed having a look at what you've shared and I'm a little jealous of you meeting my pal Justin & fellow demo Brian in person.

  3. YOU, my dear, made my convention! Serendipity?! I love that when we met in "the lift" (LOL! or the elevator, as I would say)and I told you I read you blog you screamed and hugged me! The Alex and Ani quote you posted sums you up, as far as I'm concerned. I am so blessed to call you my friend, thank you!

  4. What a wonderful read Lou! It looks and sounds like a blissful life experience and as much as your awe at meeting such amazing people is apparent, you my sweet girl are just as fabulous yourself. xxx