A 'Lou' Moment!

23 September 2013

Admission Time

Surely I am not the only one who has those 'moments' where a good intention goes horribly wrong due to being overwhelmed or excited, or both! 

Ok, so for those of you who know me really well, I have 'moments' all.the.time. I have the greatest of intensions, however I'm just .not. that great at pulling them off. I'm slack when it comes to posting birthday cards, finishing cards (I literally have tonnes of un-finished cards and projects,) or I make them and the intended person doesn't get them. To all those who love me anyway, I'm sorry and I really do still love you! 

My 'moment' in Utah. (Well one of them!)
If you can remember back to the USA Stampin' Up! Convention, there was a World Record Challenge. Here's the post >World Record Attempt<


 I made my card for my friend Nicole, who had helped me make cards, taken cardstock and ribbon home to cut, helped me pack orders before I left and has just been a great freind. (Note that my mum and best-friend also helped me, however, because if all my 'great intensions that I never pull off', Nicole had never received a handmade card from me!)

So, here's the thing. I made the card, packed it safely in my suitcase and took it with me. I sat down at the hotel and wrote on the hotel notepad what I was going to say in Nicole's card. It was heartwarming and lovely. It had all the things I wanted to thank Nicole for.

I sent my card that night, after lining up with my friend, Mehgan, for hours and hours. I was even a little proud of myself for having it organised! Nicole received her card a few days later and opened it up to NOTHING! No lovely heartwarming words of how grateful I was or how much I appreciated her help. Nothing. Just a card! I can only imagine the look on her face! 

So another card has been made, with heartwarming words in it this time, to saying thank you, not only for helping me, but for loving me with all my faults!

Thanks for listening and I would love to hear from others who might also be like me!

Lots of Love
Lou X

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  1. I love this card even more then the first one you made her. I still have not pulled that embossing folder out of the packet, I should because you made it look fabulous.