Stampin' Up! Grand Vacation Hawaii

23 May 2015

Mahalo!  PINCH ME...I went to Hawaii! 
Stampin' Up! sure do know how to spoil us and this incentive trip was no different.

Just a few quick notes....1.This is an epic blog post  2. Some pictures were taken on our camera and some were taken on my phone, you will notice the quality difference, however I still captured how amazing everything was!

I am going to attempt to show you all my favourite parts of the trip, keeping in mind that this is my idea of the 'quick' version, otherwise you might be here all day. Actually, I suggest you go get a cuppa now and settle in!

We stayed at the Sheraton Waikiki and it was simply breathtaking.

We were greeted by our very own 'Aloha' sign at the entrance of the hotel.

The trip was made extra special because my bestfriend, Kabrina and her husband, Mikki came with us.

Kabrina and Mikki also celebrated their 10th Wedding Anniversary. 

Welcome Dinner.
Couldn't pass up a photo with my good friend Kylie Bertucci and acting CEO Sara Douglas.

I started screaming with pure delight when I finally got to see my friend Brian King ('My Brian' as Daniel calls him.) We were basically joined at the hip for the rest of the trip after that! I adore this funny, loving and warm.

My beautiful friend Shannean (and her uber adorable children) created 'Louise and Daniel' Lego figures. Too cute!

Sara posing with Lego 'Louise'

Hospitality Room - basically where we get more spoilt!

Day One - Polynesian Cultural Centre
 Hawaiian Dancers doing traditional dance

Kylie and Bruno Bertucci take a canoe ride.

Group photo with some of favourite people. I am sitting next to Jeremiah....I just have to mention that I adore him. We had a blast together and he made me my own special yummy treat! Thanks're the best.

SO EXCITED! New Stamp Set...with my gorgeous friend Shannean.

This is me eating my super delicious treat from Jeremiah. Made with Graham Crackers, which I have only just discovered. Feeling loved.

Feeling even more loved when we came back to our room with wine, chocolate covered strawberries, rose petals on the bed and a note from my US bestie Mehgan. Insert tears of both happiness and sadness. They were unable to be there and I miss her like crazy.

Day Two - Pearl Harbor
It wouldn't be trip to Hawaii without visiting the USS Arizona Memorial. It was an emotional experience, paying tribute to those who lost their lives and yet still quite peaceful. It was hard to believe there was so much heartache here, in such beautiful place of the world.

There was a beautiful rainbow while we were visiting.

Photo op with the very special and talented Angie her!

Day Three - Rest Day 
(We needed lots of rest of course!)
We woke to the sound of the ocean. Surfers wait for waves about 500 metres off shore.

Daniel with the line of surfboards as we walk up to Waikiki Beach

Pink Beach Umbrellas line the beach - LOVE!

Lego 'Louise' has cocktails by the pool! Diamond Head is in the background

Having fun with the beautiful Lisa Curcio.

'Miss Hawaii' dances while we have dinner

Day Four - another free day of relaxing - someone's got to do it right?!
Our room view looking down at the pool.

There were 'Selfie Spots' everywhere!

So Brian and I decided we needed another 'selfie'

Just have to mention that Mary Fish came to my room to say hello. Stay with me....she really did and I have a selfie to prove it! Ok, so I paid Mary off with Tim Tams, but it was worth it! Thanks Mary.

The Final Farewell Dinner
We were taken to the USS Missouri and were given our own private Stampin' Up! function.

Shelli Gardiner was there (squeel!) Kylie and I just had to get a photo and I think she may have hated us because she had to put down her dinner to get the photo. No, Shelli could never hate us! We love you Shelli - thank you. 

With Kylie and Angela Sargeant. Angela has been such an amazing support, not only to me, but to everyone in her team. Angela is a true leader, mentor and friend and I am so blessed to have the privilege of knowing her. Thanks for everything you do Angela.

Yes...this is Brandy Cox. Equally beautiful as she is talented!

And my last picture with Brian. This basically sums up our whole trip...laughing at silly pictures. I could have done a blog post completely based around our craziness!

Last Day
We extended our trip and enjoyed our last day with Mikki and Kabrina. We hired a Jeep and travelled around Oahu and up to the North Shore.

First stop - Dole Pineapple Plantation. BEST.PINEAPPLE.EVER!

Kabrina loving every bite!

Daniel and I at the famous Banzai Pipeline. Yes, both my surfie brothers were jealous. Sorry guys...maybe we can all go back there soon?! You would totally love it here.

Lunch at the popular Haleiwa Joes

 Shannean, her husband Woody and their four funny, happy and beautiful kids....I adore this family!

Last stop to get some pressies for the family from this adorable little shop.

If you are looking for more about all our Stampin' Up! Grand Vacation Hawaii adventures you will also find me featured on Kylie Burtucci and Brian King's blogs.

Start here for Kylie's posts (she was much better than me and posted everyday)

So that's it. Our time in Hawaii is now over, I am home and back to daily life. Well trying to get back into the swing of things, the jet-lag has me struggling a little. Ok, yes, don't feel bad for me! 

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  1. What a delightful recap! Thanks so much for giving us a peek into your adventures – and congratulations on earning the trip! Many years ago, my husband and I enjoyed a fabulous trip to Maui that he earned through his business. It really was a little piece of paradise, and all these years later I continue to enjoy the memories.

  2. I love this!! So much fun! You and Brian are way too funny together. And how sweet of Mehgan to do that for you guys. I missed her so much this trip. Had an absolute ball with you as always Louise. You are such a fun, happy and genuine person to be around. You wouldn't have to pay anyone with Tim Tams - we just love you and want to be around you. Congrats on getting the trip and for having so much fun! You rock Louise Sharp.

  3. I'm in love with your summary, Louise! What a great trip - our pictures can only capture a small piece of the fun we had in Hawaii. Kylie is right - you don't have to bring Tim Tams to anyone because we all love to hang out with you - but please keep bringing them. :)

  4. Those Tim Tams are half gone. What a treat to receive them and spend more time with you!