Global Design Project - CASE-ing Bibi Cameron

21 December 2015

Where have I been? If you are a regular blog follower - firstly, thank you! - you will know that my poor blog has been mistreated and I also missed last weeks Global Design Project, to which I am truly sorry. Hhhooowwwwevvverrrr, exciting new things are happening in the Sharp household! To find out more you will need to scroll to the bottom. 

First up, this week over at the Global Design Project we have 'CASE the Designer" and the Design Team are so excited to be CASE-ing Bibi Cameron this week. Here is her creation:
Here is my simple take on Bibi's creation. I really wanted a waterwash ombre effect, of course I just had to go with pink! 

Make sure you head over and see our amazing Design Team and their fabulous creations this week over at the Global Design Project.

Now moving on to my news:
In a nutshell, we have sold our air-conditioning business that we have run successfully for 13 years, we have sold our beautiful home and we are moving 2 hours south of Sydney, to a gorgeous little seaside town called Kiama. None of which was on the cards about 2 months ago! This has all happened so quickly, I have hardly had time to come up for air. The sale of our home only went through today and now we have to find a new home and have 6 weeks to pack - what a whirlwind to say the least! It's all really positive and we can't wait to move and get settled, however, I am sad to be moving away from my friends, my Stampin' Up! team and customers.  I am so grateful for all the friendships I have made and people who have shaped our lives while we have been living here, even though I know we are only 2 hours away, I have really enjoyed my life in this area.

So with this, I may be a little more absent over the next couple of weeks as we get through Christmas, the New Year and packing up our home. I promise I am still around and I will do my best to share our adventures with you all.

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. I am amazed you found the time to even make a card, let alone a stunner! Wishing you and your beautiful family a smooth transition to your new home and sending love to you all at Christmastime xx

  2. When did you even find the time to create this ombre masterpiece?!! Best wishes for a fairly stress free Christmas, finding and new home, and a smooth move in the new year xox

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, Louise! I love the perfect gradation you've created on this card - the color is so YOU. What great news you've shared! All the best to you and the family! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Wow! What a beautiful and pretty pink card. Love it! And the most exciting NEWSFLASH, ever. See you in Kiama real soon Louise. D xox

  5. Wow how exciting! You were missed last week! This card is sooooo cute. Angela x

  6. Lots of life changes at a very busy time of year Louise. Very exciting to be opening so many new doors, and knowing that the important aspects of your current life will stay with you, just in a different format. Love your card! xx Cheryll

  7. I adore this card!! Wow wow wow! So excited for you with all your news - congrats on making a big change it will work out so awesome for you and your family.

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