Global Design Project Challenge #203

19 August 2019

"I see the moon and the moon sees me, down by the shade of the old oak tree. Please let the light that shines on me, shine on the one I love." This is a song that was sung to me as a child and I also sing to my kids. I remind them that wherever they are in the world we all look at the same moon. We all sleep under the same stars and we all feel the warm from the same sun. The theme at the Global Design Project this week reminds me of that. Too deep? Possibly. Maybe I'm feeling a little anxious about watching my children grow older! You know what's not's card! It's fun and playful and has childlike feel of 'Old McDonalds Farm' about it. It's not my typical style of card, but I had fun with it! 

I honestly didn't know what to create for this weeks theme until I opened this stamp set, which is perfectly named Over The Moon. My friend Paula Dobson created this card >here< and I she needs to take full responsibility for the purchase of this set and she deserves a medal for all the colouring on that card!

I used Watercolor Paper and Aqua Painters to create the background. I taped off the bottom using washi-tape and it still managed to bleed a little, however I was ok with that and was going to cover it up completely with the sentiment but I actually liked it in the end. We are our own worst critiques aren't we?! 

Over The Moon

I hope you are having a great start to the week, now head over to the Global Design Project and see what the amazing Design Team have in store for you this week.

Much Love,
Louise xo


  1. This couldn't be sweeter, Louise! I love this cow and the beautiful backdrop you've created for it. ♥

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