Sending Hugs for the Be Inspired Blog Hop

30 June 2021

Hello, it really is me! First let's get the formalities out of the way....

Welcome to the Be Inspired Design Team Blog Hop, you may have just arrived here from my lovely and talented friend Angela Meiritz-Reid from New Zealand. If you are starting here please make sure you 'hop' around by clicking the next button - but only after reading my blog first of course! 😉

The theme for this months hop is 'New Favourites', with the team highlighting new products from the latest 2021-2022 Stampin' Up! Catalogue. 

Here's my card using the Sending Hugs stamp set. And with what is going on in the world I think it's perfect - I really would love to give so many of my friends hugs right now! 

Sending Hugs

Next up to 'Be Inspired' by is my wonderful friend Janneke Dijkstra - de Jong from the Netherlands. Oh how much I miss my international friends - it's nice to be able to hop with some of them! 



Sharp Family Update:
My last post was back in 2019PC *pre-covid (boy-oh-boy how blissfully unaware we all were of what was approaching us!). For those of you who might be visiting for the first time here's a very quick rundown of our lives for the past two years....

We sold our very cute suburban home in Kiama NSW and purchased 50 acres of land with nothing on it - no power, no water, no house - we had to start from scratch.   

In one of my previous posts I wrote: "My intention is to start sharing other things that I enjoy like decorating, cooking, sewing, gardening and of course crafting. Plus the joy of moving, building, fencing and all the things that come along with owning a paddock - I may even be looking for some advice! Stay tuned for more."

I had really good intentions, I promise. However this journey has proved to be much harder than I (we) ever intended - or appreciated! We lived in a caravan for most of last year - yes the four of us through freezing Winter and Covid lockdowns and all our worldly possessions were boxed away sitting on shelves in our shed. 

We are a little bit more settled now because we have been able to unpack and have create 'zones' in shed for our things. We have an office for our air conditioning business and I have a craft room, which of course I am over the moon about! Here's a sneak peak of the pink gingham door I's my firm belief that every craft room in a shed needs a pink gingham door!! 🤣

So what can you expect from me now? I don't want to make any promises on how regularly I post, but I am definitely back crafting again - which feels amazing!    

Thanks for reading and I hope you and your family are safe and well. 
Much love, 
Louise xo 


  1. Beautiful card and oh my on your adventure I bet that is a story to tell.

  2. Wow.. must have been a heck of a 2 years for you! So glad to hear you are more settled now and delighted to see you crafting again... Beautiful card... Sending HUGS back at you...

  3. I just love the Sending Hugs bundle, and the way you have coloured the images, Lou. I couldn't quite believe it when I saw your name on this blog hop list!! Great to see you back blogging (if one blog post constitutes blogging, ha ha) ... I have been wondering how life has been for you. Challenging, obviously, but headed in the right direction! That gingham door is adorable. x

  4. Yay!! Welcome back! I've checked your blog a few times over the last couple of years to make sure I hadn't missed any of your gorgeous creations and was hoping you hadn't given up crafting forever. Well done on all your offline achievements over the last couple of years and I look forward to seeing more online ones now! xx

  5. Oh I cannot tell you how delighted I am that you are back blogging again. Firstly, I adore your card, the colours you used look amazing. Secondly, wow, what an adventure you have had! I can't imagine the experiencing lockdown in a caravan, I bet you are glad to have a bit more space now you are set up in the shed, and yes every shed craft room must have a touch of pink gingham. Looking forward to seeing more of your delightful creations and hearing more about your adventures

  6. Love your gorgeous card Lou and so pleased you are back! No wonder you've had no time to craft but now with your super cute gingham door to your craft room there is no excuse x

  7. So awesome to have you back Lou, love the card, and the pink gingham door (wouldn't be you without pink) lol.

  8. Oh how I am happy to read a blog of you! Love your card - stunning as always! Great that you found time and a lovely space to craft again! I am looking forward to your upcoming cards or other themes - which ever you choose. This gingham door is adorable! I wonder if I can talk my sweet hubby into letting me paint mine ;) Hugs from Berlin

  9. Hi Louise, can I check is the outline of your hugs image embossing? Your card is gorgeous 💖