Just Add Ink - Blog Hop

17 January 2014

Firstly, Happy New Year! 
This is my first blog post for 2014 and what better way to celebrate than thanking a friend for their friendship. I am so blessed to have beautiful friends and sometimes with the craziness of life we can forget to thank them for being there. Thank you to ALL my family, friends, blog followers, supporters and people in my life who make it so special.

Secondly, this is a Just Add Ink Blog Hop. And might I add, my first ever Blog Hop! (Big smiles)
 What is a blog hop? A blog hop is where a group of 'bloggers' post a topic and share links to other blogs and you the reader/follower move from one blog after another seeing all the entries. 

You should have just 'hopped' here from Kim Badelt. If this is your first stop you can hop all the way around from here or start at the Just Add Ink page. The inspiration for our blog hop is to make something using either the new Stampin' Up! Envelope Punch Board or the new Thinlits Card Dies. 

 JAI #198 Blog Hop Collage

I chose the new Thinlits Card Dies using the circle card die. 

If you are a follower of my blog you will know I used the stamp set 'Kind & Cozy' from page 82 in my last Just Add Ink challenge! Yes, I am loving this little flower stamp, it's too adorable. 

Your next stop or 'hop' is the ultra talented Mae Collins and I am sure you will love her beautiful creations using both the Thinlits and the Envelope Punch Board!
JAI #198...Blog Hop Button.

Thanks for stopping by,
Lou X


  1. Very pretty Louise - love these colours. Welcome to your first Blog Hop too - so much fun. Chantell

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your color choices! Just beautiful!

  3. Louise this card is so softy and girly - just beautiful!

  4. Lou this is simply beautiful, love the colours. I agree we need to just 'thank' our friends at anytime to show our love and appreciation for them and this card definitely does that. Thank you for your friendship and being part of our JAI family. ♥

  5. Lovely card Louise - the colours are very delicate.

  6. Gorgeous card Louise! Love the idea of the extended piece of the card so you can write more inside. Colours are so nice. Thank you for thanking me too. ;-)

  7. Lovely soft colour way,with a little texture.

  8. This is a lovely card Louise I love the colour choices.

  9. This is so pretty and feminine Louise, I love the soft colours. A really lovely card.

  10. Really sweet card Louise, like your colours....just tried to cut a swing card with out those new thinlets....not good, Cheers

  11. Simply divine, Lou - I love it to bits!!

  12. So very girly and pretty Lou! Love the texture you brought in using the lattice folder and effect of pink ribbon on pink DSP - subtle, delicate and very special. x

  13. Just beautiful Lou, but everything you do is! You know you inspired my purchase of this set..:0) Your lovely soft colour palette and delicate texture are delightful.xx

  14. Oh this is so pretty Louise! I love the soft colour combo and the pretty image you've used!

  15. I adore your soft, feminine colours Louise. Great card.

  16. So beautiful Louise..... Breathtaking!

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