Stampin' Friendships - Kylie Bertucci

30 November 2016

'Awesomeness' - is that even a real word? Ummm - yeh it is! Especially when it relates to my amazing friend Kylie Bertucci.

I thought I might start blogging about all the special friendships I have made over the past 5 years I have been with Stampin' Up!. The first one will be with my close friend Kylie Bertucci. (Also because I had this card made for her over a month ago and really need to share it!)

Kylie and I met at a Stampin' Up! Convention in 2013, however we became close on our first Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip together to Utah - we had a blast during that trip and it really cemented our friendship. Since then we have travelled the world together with the Stampin' Up! trips and have supported each other while we grow our businesses and continue with the seasons of our life (not everything is about Stampin' Up! ya know!!) We talk or message daily and Kylie has been a huge support to me.

I made this for card for Kylie when she recently promoted to 'Platinum' title with Stampin' Up!. I am so proud of her and the hard work she has put into her business has paid off.

After our recent Onstage event in Brisbane a few weeks ago, Kylie is now ranked #8 in the world of Stampin' Up! - in which also places her #1 in Australia. WOW - what an amazing effort. Well done girlfriend. You truly do 'overwhelm me with your awesomeness'!

Kylie Bertucci and I in Brisbane this month:

During the Onstage event, I was talking to another demonstrator and she said "it's a funny thing this direct-sales business, because even though we are all friends, we are still in competition with each other" - and I agreed, because ultimately it is true. However, I have had time to process that comment and in the end we only rise by lifting others. Not only will our businesses grow, but so do our souls and we cannot do it all alone - in life or in business. Also, the friendships we make go far beyond ink and paper! 

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  1. This is such a special post Louise. It is so true that without each other we wouldn't be where we are right now with Stampin' Up!®. I am so proud of you - being asked on Artisan, allowing Stampin' Up! to work around your family and life circumstances. You are a such a wonderful example. Our friendship shows that when you build something that is based on what you give, rather than what you can get - that incredible AMAZING things can happen.
    You thought of the idea of starting the Incentive trip blog hops, which then moved to us creating the Global Design Project Challenge blog together, which in turn has helped so many other areas of our businesses. None of that would have happened without you. I am so grateful and can't thank you enough for the support and love you have given Bruno and I. You are a true GEM. xx

  2. What a great post Louise-she's pretty amazing isn't she? xxx