The Christmas Table

24 December 2016

The Christmas Table. A place to come together and share our stories of the past year, enjoy beauiful food and appreciate the joy of the festive season.

The Sharp/Willetts Family Christmas Table is a lot like that, however insert a little more crazy! My younger brother Sam will open those biscuits in about two seconds, while my older brother Bob will replace the Waterford crystal glass for a bottle of Crown Lager or something similar and my darling husband will crack lame 'dad jokes' all day and will request a 'normal' napkin instead of a lovely gold polka-dot one! But it will be a great day and I'm looking forward to spending the first Christmas in our home in Kiama with all my family.

I thought I would share my Christmas table all set. I wanted to go with a modern Aussie Christmas theme, so decided on some beautiful Australian native flowers from The Wildflower Studio.
My daughter Emily and I made homemade cookies, complete with an embossed pattern in the fondant - we're so clever!
The 'to the beach' sign and timber surfboard completed the authentic Aussie theme - don't you think?! AND...I'm going to brag about my younger brother here - he made that surfboard! It is so incredibly gorgeous and just suits my house - so he's not permitted to take it out surfing. (Yes, he gets all his creative talent from his sister! Ha ha ha)
Let's not forget about the kids....they get their own decorated table too! Emily and I made tree cookies and I decorated milk bottles with their names and used polka-dot paper as placemats. I always loved being on the separate kids table with my cousins when I was young and all our kids just love being together.

I thought I would share some other Christmas table setting ideas that I have done in the past. This is from a post from last year.
And there's always my Christmas team party I had back in 2014! One day the Tickled pINK Stampers will get another amazing party like this. (We were in the midst of packing this time last year to move and this year was a time to get settled - so maybe next year another Christmas party is in order!) You can see the post by Clicking Here.

Wishing you all a safe, happy and very merry Christmas. Thank you to everyone for all your support and love over the past year. I am looking forward to year full of more crafting! To stay connected with me please make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Tons of love,


  1. Merry Christmas to the best team leader in the Stampin Up universe! Wishing you a very successful 2017 and the merriest wishes to you and your beautiful family.

  2. Ummmm - mazing!!! Love your table setting Louise! I can only imagine! <3