Happy Easter Tutorial!

31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Easter is another time of year that I enjoy. I love the Easter egg hunts and crazy, sugar hyped children laughing and playing. It's such a lovely holiday. The weather here this weekend is simply gorgeous, which is adding to enjoyment. 

Here are some Easter gifts that I have made for our friends and family:

I cased this idea from a close friend and team member Marie who made one like this for Convention last year - aren't they cute? I thought I would share how I made them.

Step 1. Cut 2 large tags from the Two-Tags Bigz Die

 Step 2. Emboss Tags

 Step3. Using stick-strip, join tags together as shown

 Step 4. Make Box by cutting cardstock 9.5cm x 11.7cm
Score the whole way around at 2.5cm

Step 5.Cut 4 insertions as shown and put box together using sticky-strip.
 Note - don't peal sticky-strip off the base until you are attaching to the tags.

 6.One box is together, peel off sticky-strip from the base and place inside 
the two tags. Place sticky-strip up the sides of the box as shown, peel and fold up tags.

7. Place yummy treats into box!

8. Tie with pretty ribbon and decorate as you choose!

9. Voila!

I hope you run away and make these - they are so easy.

Thanks for stopping by,
Lou X

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  1. Excellent! Thanks for the tut Lou, can't wait to make some.