A Girl & Her Giraffe!

10 March 2013

Last week marked a decade that hit me with a wave of anxiety. In what seems a 'blink', ten years have gone by and now our beautiful, gorgeous daughter, Emily, is TEN!

I can remember like yesterday bringing her into the world and marvelled. I am still marvelling that we have been so spolit and lucky to have such an amazing little (big) girl who has made our world a better place, simply by being it.
Meet Godfrey. Her toy giraffe. I always imagined when she was born that she would carry some cute little teddy or doll. But no, she wanted this giraffe from about 6 months and was not giving it up! Under her arm he has stayed - and right at this moment they are watching a movie together!

Here is Godfrey:
(Very well loved and has been to 'Nanny Hospital' a few times for surgery!)

I have kept this (non-SU) stamp for a while, because I think it was made just for her! There's no other stamp in the world that has a little girl holding a giraffe! Teddies, dolls, rabbits, flowers...the list goes on, but a giraffe!?


Emily's favourite colour is 'Pool Party' blue!
I also made her a cake in 'pool party' - head over to my facebook page to see the photos.

Thanks for stopping by,
Lou X

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  1. WOW! Lou this is just gorgeous! and yes, it IS TOTALLY Emily. xx