Thanks so Much - Brian Pilling

17 July 2013

Some of you may know that during Convention in May at Brisbane this year I was asked to give a talk on 'Creating a Blueprint for Success.' I was contact by Brian Pilling, the Head of Training in Utah!!!!! There needs to be lots of exlaimation marks as this was such a huge honour. 

There was lots of work and preparation that went into giving this presentation. I was extemely nervous and Brian was so calm and had every bit of confidence in me.

Brian and I - taken on my i-phone, not the greatest image, sorry.

I had made Brian a card to thank him for the oppotunity and for being such a nice person to get to know. However, in true Louise style I forgot to take it with me! So I will be catching up with Brian this week at the US Convention and I will now be able to give him his thank you card - and a packet of Tim Tams!

I thought I would also share a video of Brian being 'crafty' and show a neat project he created. 

Thanks for stopping by.
Lou X

Note: If you are an Australian Demonstrator the Convention Resources are now available online. Be sure to check them out, there's lots of useful information. xx

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